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If you are new to sewing, some of the terminology can be confusing. Doesn't "bolt" mean to run away? Cutting something on the "bias" just sounds offensive. And, "feed dogs" seems more like a command than a sewing machine part. Trying to understand exactly what the various terms mean, how they work, and especially when to use them may seem daunting. Butlinen cushion covers, as you learn each one, they'll become commonplace, and soon "nap" will mean more than dropping off for a little snooze. Today, we meet: understitching, which is not a seam done in a sneaky or under-handed manner and/or by Underdog. Read on to find out what it really is.

By definition, understitching is a line of straight stitching sewn just beyond the seam line of two pieces that have been sewn together to create a seam along an edge. One of the pieces is the outside of your project, the other is the inside. In order to keep that seamed edge sharp and clean, you understitch the inside piece to the seam allowance so it won't roll to the outside along the edge seam and look all messy and unprofessional.

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Understitching is referred to a lot in garment construction, especially around necklines and armholes with facings. For example, when a facing is sewn to the edge of a scooped neckline, you don't want to see the facing rolling out around the neckline when you wear the garment. You understitch the facing to the seam allowance so the facing stays in place. You might also see understitching around the waist of a lined skirt – the style without a waistband.

Although possibly more common in garments, we've found plenty of uses for understitching in home décor sewing. For example, on our Pleated Crib Skirt?(shown below) and our Tiger Eye Box Pleat Pillows?(shown above), understitching helps keep the pleats?razor sharp along their edges.

Next time you're out shopping for ready made items (a rare excursion for you since finding Sew4home, right?!), look at the inside to see how things are made. You'll notice how often understitching is used to create a professional finish.


Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Jodi Kelly

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