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TIPS FOR SELECTING A CURTAIN FOR YOUR HOMECurtains are much more than just window dressing. They can form the basis of a room’s whole look and atmosphere. Of course they’re practical too, offering privacy, warmth and energy-saving benefits. However, with so many fabrics, patterns and styles to choose from, it can take time to find the right curtains for your space. Start by looking at how these fabulous homes have embraced curtains and follow the buying advice of these experts.Whether you’re moving into your dream house or planning to renovate your existing homelinen cushion covers, there’s one element of your decor that you simply can’t ignore – curtains. Curtains are one of those crucial pieces that can set the tone of the room. From light and breezy to substantial and ornamental, from solid-colored pieces to bold prints, from sheer fabrics to heavy opaque textiles – the possibilities are endless.

1. FabricThe material plays a vital role in the look of the drapes and consequently, the room. From sheer laces to lightweight cotton, medium weight brocades to heavy velvets, you have plenty to choose from.There are various curtain materials ranging from fiber to hybrid varieties and we should opt for materials which can be fade resistant. Silk curtains which are luxurious can fade out rapidly and we will have dull curtains after some time. Measuring curtains based on the window size is also important while choosing the amount of curtain materials required for the window. 2. ColorComplementary colors sit opposite each other on a color wheel. Though complementary color schemes are classic, the contrast is frequently too great to use solid-colored curtains with solid-colored walls. Instead, temper the contrast with a fabric pattern that mixes a neutral with your wall color’s complement. The color of your curtains should ideally be in sync with the rest of the furnishings. You could either choose drapes that harmonize with the decor or contrast with it. For a pleasing look, choose drapes in a color that complement the shade of your walls. Alternatively, if you want the curtains to be the focus, pick a hue that contrasts with the furniture and walls.3. PatternsThe pattern you choose can make a room seem larger or smaller than it actually is. “It’s important to keep the background colours the same when you’re using coordinating patterns, and make sure you don’t overwhelm the room with a riot of different designs,” Quilliam says. “When dressing large windows, the scale of pattern is critical. Too large a print can overpower, while too small looks fussy and will blend into the background.”4. Materials are importantCurtains are a big investment for most people. Think long-term and whether you’re going to tire of a colour or design. “Before committing, borrow a returnable sample if available, or buy [a yard] and see it in your own light. The colour can change dramatically depending on light levels. Here’s where you weigh the functionality of the curtains and drapes that you have chosen. If the curtain hangs on a window that receives direct sunlight, a protective lining can make it more opaque, fade slower and last longer. 5. Trims &; AccessoriesWhile you may not realize it, it is very important to tie the curtains in with the theme. This does not mean that you have to play it safe and make the curtains match perfectly but they shouldn’t clash with the decor. Make sure that the materials reflect the materials in the room, the color works with your color palette and the thickness of the material works with the feel of the decor. The last thing you will want is a heavy drape in a light and airy design space.Dress them drapes up or tone them down. Trims and accessories for curtains range from pull-backs and valances to ornamental curtain tracks fixed on the wall above the curtains. Trims and accessories can be cleverly accompanied with light drapes to add richness and grandeur.

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