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As a little girl I can remember wrapping blankets around my hands to make a hand muff like I had seen the March sisters wear in Little Women. For a Southern California kid, there was not much purpose to the hand muff besides the glamorous style. I’;d have to say though, after I made this one it has definitely gotten a lot of use. This project is great for beginners and can be made for a mama or a little lady. I also added a hidden pocket inside to stow away trinketslinen cushion covers, or in my case a phone. Now, can gloves do that?

Let’;s learn How to Make a Winter Hand Muff…;

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How to Make a Winter Hand Muff

Begin making your hand muff by cutting out one piece of minky fabric and one piece of cotton to 12 x 13 inches. Set the two pieces of fabric aside for a second.Now, cut out a separate piece of cotton to 3.5 x 5 inches. This is going to be the secret pocket inside. Fold over each side of the pocket and iron down.It will look something like this.Sew the top of pocket down. the pocket to the minky fabric and sew around. Don’;t accidentally sew down the pocket opening.Remember that piece of cotton and minky you cut out at the beginning? Bring them back out and cut a piece of batting to the same 12 x 13 inch size. I used a light quilt batting, but you can use a thicker one if you prefer. the batting to the cotton. Fold it inside out with the 13 inch sides touching so you get the tube-like shape you will want your hand muff to be in.Flip it right side out. It should look like this.Take the minky fabric and do the same thing.You should have two tubes just like these.Fold the minky piece inside out, and place it inside the cotton and batting piece. Align the seams.Fold the edges of the minky and cotton down and pin.Sew around both ends but leave a small open gap at the top of each end.Take a string, ribbon or strap that you want to use for the neck strap and cut it to about 2 feet.Place the strap inside the gap of each hole on either side.Sew it down.This is the fun part where you get to add on all sorts of embellishments. If you want to add a bow like mine, follow the Double Fold Bow Tie tutorial. Hand stitch your bow in place.Enjoy keeping those fingers nice and toasty!

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