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If you’ve got visitors staying over this Christmas, but the spare room, box room, or home office that doubles as a bedroom, is shameful and needs a bit of attention, then here are some top tips, quick fixes and freshen up ideas that will help you to give it a new lease of life with little effort and minimal expense.

Take anything out of the room that doesn't need to be there. Even if you need to put it back again afterwards, you'll be amazed how much more spacious and organized a room looks without the clutter - particularly if you can move things off the floor.

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If storage is an issue, pack the clutter in lightweight plastic storage crates or cardboard boxes and put it in the loft or garage temporarily. Always leave some drawers and cupboards empty for your guests. This will make them feel far more at home than living out of a suitcase. There's nothing more embarrassing than your guests opening cupboards or wardrobes and being greeted by hidden clutter!?Stack-able storage boxes, old trunks or even sturdy but decorative hat boxeslinen cushion covers, are good for spare rooms as they can double up as bedside tables as well as providing storage.

Freshen up the walls or even a single feature wall, with a coat of paint and maybe a new colour?

This is undoubtedly the quickest and most effective way to transform a room with little effort or expense; and it's easily changed afterwards, if you feel like you've made a hasty colour choice that you can't live with long term.

Colourful Charisma?- If seasonal style isn't your think though and you're a more of a colourful interior decorator who likes do add a little charm and charisma to impress your guests, then here's another fully coordinated set where the hard work of accessorizing has all been done?for you. Our Marinelli bedding set again comes with all the coordinates you will need to create a spare room with year round five star quality and style.

Neutral Luxury - If classic luxury is more the style for your home or for your guests, or even if you're just a play it safe kind of person?when it comes to colour,?then here's the perfect solution. Our Charleston bedding?set?in a gorgeous warm grey is sumptuous, luxurious and opulent, but yet not overstated or showy. Guaranteed to impress with stylish flair and glamour and the perfect base to add any number of accent colours to for accessorizing to match existing furnishings or instantly create a new scheme.

Dress to Impress - And finally if you really want to impress your guests this Christmas but you're not up for a room overhaul or a new colour scheme, then why not just indulge them in some five star luxury with some of our 200 count hotel quality bedding??Perfect for any occasion, any style of room, any age and any genre, in crisp whites and soft creams, you'll be on to a sure fire winner and a definite 4 - 5 star rating from your guests!

To see our full and extensive bedding range click on the catalogue image below.

Miss-matched furnishings just scream 'make do!', so invest in some new window dressings?to match your bedding and decor.

At the very least you could add some matching?cushions?and a?runner?on the bed, to say that the look has been 'thought about'. ?

If all you have at your window is a blind, add style, colour and warmth by putting up some co-ordinating curtains.?Eyelet curtains?on?poles?are quick &; easy to install, need no dressing &; are very user friendly.?Go floor length where you can for more impact, just because it's the spare room , it doesn't mean you can't add a bit of wow factor to make your guests feel that they're in a special room instead of the spare room. ? Similarly if all you have is curtains, or nothing at all at the window of the spare room, then consider adding a blind for added colour, texture and light protection.?

Blinds are an inexpensive, stylish and easy to fit solution to window dressings; and blackout roller blinds?are great if you want to give your guests a good nights sleep and come in many colours and textures these days, for a fully co-ordinated look. The few suggestions above show how effective plain or patterned blinds can be, from a textured sparkle that will add seasonal glister that will look stunning all year round, to a themed pattern or soft floral. Check out our full range of ready made or made to order blinds here or hover on the image above for specific details of the blinds featured.

Make your guests feel like they're getting?true?5 star treatment by putting fresh towels in their room daily. I keep a set of what I call my 'posh guest towels' for this.?

The ones we use every day are absolutely fine, but I like to make my guests feel pampered and special with some luxury fluffy towels. It makes a big impression with very little effort and dare I say, is a sure fire winner for impressing the mum-in-law! There is something for everybody in our on-trend Urbanite range shown above, but check out the full range of luxury towels by clicking on the catalogue image below.

Lighting is very important and can change the mood of the room at the flick of a switch.?Table lamps?and?up-lighters?will ?give adequate reading light as well as an ambient effect. Make sure your female guests have plenty of light near a dressing table. And if we're talking about things that plug in, then plug-in aroma diffusers with warm Christmas spices or fresh floral fragrances will give either a clean and fresh or warm and inviting feel to the room too. ?

Size things up.

Consider re-carpeting or invest in a statement rug if your flooring needs some attention.?Rugs are great in a number of ways. They add warmth, colour and texture to laminate or wood flooring and wood, they are great for dividing room space and will cleverly mask the 'bad-bits' of a worn or tired carpet. ? Rugs are not only stylish and practical , they?make a good investment too as they can be moved around the house for use in other rooms.

If you've got a tiled or vinyl floor in your bathroom?or in a guest’s en-suite, putting a bath mat down can add instant, extra, warmth and comfort or again, simply provide the perfect guise for tired flooring. We have a great new range on-line which has made a welcome addition to our homewares section.

Artwork is a great way to add personality to a room, but deciding how and where to hang it can be stressful. Take a look at some of our tips. With a little know-how, you can create a gallery in your own home in no time.

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Dining is an important part of lavish living and having a dining room that can accommodate plenty of people is incredibly important. No squishing around a small table where lavish living is concerned.?