linen cushion covers Different Types of Knit Fabrics, Explained! customized gifts for mom

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One of the biggest comments I get when I share a tutorial or project that features a knit fabric, is “;how do I know what to buy”;? ?The terminology surrounding knit fabrics may seem a bit confusinglinen cushion covers, especially if you are used to only buying woven fabrics.

To help demystify knit fabrics a bit for you, I’;ve asked?Heather of Girl Charlee Fabrics to share some of her knowledge. She’;s sharing informing us on the?different kinds of knit fabrics commonly available and what projects they are best suited for. I met Heather at Quilt Market in Houston and had the best time getting to know her better and learning about her business. I think that you’;ll be able to tell that she has a passion for providing high quality?knit fabrics to us eager seamstresses.

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So take it away Heather,

I am head over heals for Serbian furniture designer, Ana Kra?. Her work is young but embodies an old soul that one would expect to find in an old country like Serbia. Her presentation is beautiful and relaxed – self-shot photographs of her side tables, lamps, and clothing racks within busy but breathable, well-lived in spaces. Here are some of her recent creations: