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I love texture in all my art projects whether it is a card, a layout, something I knit or a mixed media project. As part of the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew I have the possibility to explore their wide range of canvas &; burlap products.? I love that you can craft with canvas and fabric in many of the same ways you craft with paper. The same tools, paintslinen cushion covers, inks and stamps work equally well on fabric. Today I′m sharing a project I made with the Canvas Corp?Burlap and Canvas Zipper Tote 5.5″/7.5″. It is a really great product to use for exploring –; I love that one side is slick and the other rough. Below I show you how you in a few steps can transform the Zipper tote to a stylish item just using paint, ink, a stamp, pearls, a needle and some tread.

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Use one of your favourite samps and black permanent?ink to stamp a motif on the zipper tote.

Paint over the stamped image with White High Impact paint. Dry with a heater. This will seal the stamped image.

Stamp the image one more time. Try and get it into the same place. Dry with a heater to seal the ink.?

When dry you can see that the image looks clear against the canvas background.

Sew on pearls?with tread and needle. You could also use embroidery yarn to create small knots. Black pearls for the center of the staped flower. The orange pearls add color &; more interest to the piece.

Now I carry this zipper tote filled with pencils and hand cream in my shoulder bag.?

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

Other products –; stamp from IndigoBlu, permanent stamping ink, Flea Market found pearls, sewing thread, needle, paintbrush.

-Happy Crafting! –;

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