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Your home's interior design should reflect your personality, letting people see a little part of who you are in every room. If you like unusual, love quirky and are not afraid to push the boundaries of the norm, than a bohemian home design style will say everything you want and more. While there are no real rules when it comes to interior design with a bohemian style the sky really is the limit.

The bohemian influence harks back to the 1800s, when the word was used to describe gypsies and vagabonds. Creativity and not being afraid to think outside the box is the key to getting this oldest of styles just right. 5 ways to get the Bohemian look:

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1. Walls: A Bohemian interior design is far from organizedlinen cushion covers, instead it is busy and random. Popular Bohemian colours are cornfield yellow and sky blue, usually with splashes of white to add clean lines and a little organisation.

2. Windows: Keep your curtains basic and light coloured, as the Bohemian feel can be quite dark so ensure your rooms have plenty of natural light. Cheap curtains are ideal, especially those with a floral pattern, sweep them open from the centre and use add tassel tie-backs to hold them in place.

3. Furniture: Furniture with an art Deco feels, covered with mismatched cushions and a thick rattan throw is an ideal look for a lounge or family room.

4. Floors: Wooden floors are typical, which are then covered by large rugs to add further colours and textures to floors.

5. Accessories: Accessories, knick-knacks and other belongings are the real key to creating the perfect bohemian interior. Ideally, candlesticks on a mantelpiece or dresser will match with the chandelier. Individual pieces of wall art or prints on the wall don't have to match or even have a theme. If you have many family pictures, find individual frames for each one and dot them around your room.

Again, the frames do not have to match in any way, as long as they add character to your room. Decorated plates attached to your wall or above a fireplace, will also add a Bohemian feel. Look for a fancy, ornate chandelier so you have an impressive centre light fitting. Knick-knacks and other personalised belongings are the real key to creating the perfect Bohemian interior. Ideally, you want your accessories to tell a story, about either your life or a particular part of it. Including souvenirs, pictures and other accessories from your travels and family holidays will help you tell your story. The Bohemian look is all about choosing things that represent you, your family and the things you enjoy and like.

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