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Let’s begin with a small quiz. Take a look at the five questions below and mentally make a note if you say YES to 3 or more of them

So, how many YES did you say?

Almost all of us have something we hate or dislike about your body-a jiggly tummy, a crooked nose, or that spot of cellulite. And most often than not, we exaggerate these so called faults in our minds while our friends see us as perfectly normal. But when the process of self-criticism gets out of controllinen cushion covers, it’s called Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

It’s Real Alright

Body dysmorphia is a real phenomenon but rarely talked about. Yup, it’s true. Not only regular people, but celebrities like Michael Jackson, Uma Thurman and Marilyn Monroe also openly suffered from BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder).

So the question you must thinking, is it such big deal? Doesn’t everyone like to be skinny and perfect?

Yes, it’s true. We are a culture obsessed with ‘thin’. From skinny jeans, to skinny belts, skinny shirts and so on, we like to believe that when it’s thin, it’s fine. We love a makeover story where an actress shed all her fat turned into a walking talking mannequin. There is nothing wrong with it, till it gets risky.

But when does it turn dangerous?

What Now?

Sometime very simple could become the trigger. Weight loss pills, teas, diets, super skinny celebrities splashed on the covers of fashion magazines….phew! It’s exhausting and daunting and thus, doesn’t come as a surprise when the case is reported of a 14 year old feels that she is “too fat” and turns vegan. ?There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. But if you start noticing that you are spending way too much time obsessing about your appearance, then it’s time to take a pause and take control back.

It’s true that no one knows the real cause of BBD but is it only the magazines and media to be blamed? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

Otherlab has been doing a lot of inflatable fabrication lately, and we thought it was about time to write an Instructable about it. ?What better subject to inflatable-ize than the Instructables robot itself? ?Here's the high level view of the fabrication process.

Last year I made myself a travel laundry bag and it’s now one of my favorite travel necessities. I recently made one for a friend with slightly different measurements. After I made it I realized the bag is a simple fat quarter project, and I’m always looking for fun things to sew with fat quarters!

Maybe it's the back to a slower and more relaxed pace of life that's the allure of French farmhouse décor. Eating al-fresco, sipping wine as the sun goes down, tearing a piece from a crusty baguette, whatever your reasons there's some stunning designs to be inspired by and use in your own French farmhouse – even if it is the middle of a bust English town or city. ?