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When Halloween comes around, many parents love taking the opportunity to transform their baby into a spooky creature, a cute fruit or even their favorite superhero. While babies might not be aware that they’re wearing a Halloween costume, they still make parents happy—not to mention the trick-or-treaters at the door. But finding the right costume brand for your precious little one can be tougher than it might seem. There are so many designs, materials and ideas to choose from that it can be tough to keep up with. On top of it all, it’s hard to know which companies are reputable, safe and reliable. Luckily, this list has the answers to all your questions about baby costumes for boys and girls as well as information about the top ten baby costume brands.

Before delving into the best baby brands available, it’s important to answer some questions parents often have about baby costumes, specifically which ones are best for their young ones.

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A baby costume is an outfit made from cloth that a baby can wear at Halloween. They come in many different types and designs, but some of the most common are:

Baby costumes are very safe. They are generally made from cotton or polyester, ensuring the costume is made from soft materials that can “breathe.” That way, your baby won’t get too hot in the outfit. The costume won’t obscure the face, so that the child can always get access to air, and so you can see his or her beautiful face.

Many baby costumes can be purchased at party supply stores or costume stores. Plus, with the advent of online retailers, the majority of baby costumes may be purchased online and shipped directly to buyers’ houses. Because babies are generally small, most costumes come in a single size that can always be tweaked a bit once worn.

Baby costumes run the gamut in terms of cost. The average costume costs somewhere in the range of $10-$20, although some can be sold for $40, while others can be as expensive as $87. Since a baby quickly grows out of a costume, spending lots of money on one may not be the best investment. That being said, buying a more expensive costume could be a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

To determine the best baby costume brandslinen cushion covers, we relied heavily on primary research, customer reviews and the brand’s websites themselves. An important part of the process was gathering a large data set from which we could determine various pros and cons for each company. Of course, your own personal research may yield different results, and everyone’s opinions are different. Keep this feature in mind while perusing the following results.

In the following list you can find the top ten baby costume brands that we found to be reputable, reliable and safe.

This company is famous for making and distributing party goods for every occasion, but also for specializing in making Halloween costumes for all ages of people. Party City has an extensive line of Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, with a number of unique princess costumes and costumes based on Disney characters. The store is located all over the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and costumes are sold year-round. Additionally, you can always order online. On the whole, their costumes tend to be 100 percent polyester, meaning they should be hand-washed in cold water and then hung up to dry.

Rubie’s is a large family-owned-and-operated business that claims to be the largest Halloween costume designer, manufacturer and distributor in the world. The company offers an absolutely massive selection of costumes, spanning all types of characters and objects into which you can turn your little one. The prices for Rubie’s costumes range from $ to $$ per costume. Though their costumes tend to be 100 percent polyester, meaning less breathability than other cotton blends, the sheer range of potential costumes boggles the mind. If you want a hard-to-find costume for your baby, check with Rubie’s first and there’s a good chance they have it.

For holidays and special occasions, Mud Pie can be your go-to lifestyle brand. Their goal is to add inspiration and joy to everyday celebrations and once-in-a-lifetime occasions as well. Or at least, in the case of Halloween, once a year. Mud Pie tries to offer costumes for all age ranges, and babies are no exception. Mud Pie’s costumes are a bit more expensive than other ones on this list, with the average price a bit under $$. However, the bigger price absolutely can be worth it, as most of their baby costumes are made with 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, keeping your baby cool at all times. Furthermore, you can machine wash Mud Pie costumes, preventing you from the grueling task of having to hand wash your baby’s costume.

Famous for their many movies and theme parks, Disney has also developed a popular and successful line of Halloween costumes. Disney offers a number of baby costumes designed like popular characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Cinderella as well as characters fromMonster’s, Inc.and fromThe Incredibles. Disney’s prices are generally modest, with baby costumes clocking in around $. That being said, some of their costumes can cost as much as $$$, depending on the scarcity factor. You can purchase Disney costumes in Disney stores or online. Disney’s costumes tend to be 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester, for better breathability.

A manufacturer of infant clothes, shoes, and hats, Heibei UOMNY Trade Co., Ltd., ships their baby products all over the world. Their products are safe, non-toxic and comfortable for children to wear. In terms of costume prices, UOMNY is able to keep them low. Because of affordable manufacturing costs overseas, UOMNY baby costumes are all around $8, with some getting as high as $ or $$. UOMNY’s real strength is that the company offers a large quantity of costumes for infants, from early as 0 to 3 months old. Many of these are either onesies or partial-costumes, meaning costumes that may be just a hat that drapes down the infant’s body. For example, a partial-dinosaur costume has a dinosaur head that drapes over the body with green scales and purple spines. That way, the infant isn’t completely encased in fabric and won’t run the risk of overheating. They also carry onesies for infants as well, and both onesies and partial-costumes are all 100 percent cotton for ultimate breathability and machine washing.

A top-quality baby clothing company, Carter’s is renowned for their delicate touch that makes life with baby just a little bit sweeter. For example, they created a Handi-Cuff mitten sleeve in baby’s clothing that prevents babies from scratching themselves. They bring the same attention to detail and ease to their distinct line of costumes for babies. Carter’s has a variety of typical baby costumes designed like pumpkins and firefighters and so on, but the costumes that branch out really shine. Many baby costumes in general are one-pieces, which, while cute, tend to be difficult to take on and off. This can be a problem when changing messy diapers. However, Carter’s offers some unique two-piece costumes for easy changing. It’s these thoughtful touches that makes Carter’s one of the mom-friendliest brands on this list. Their prices are cheaper too, coming in around $5 to $15. The only downside is their goods tend to be mostly polyester, with few breathable cotton blends.

Passionate about costumes, InCharacter Costumes is a company that can provide fun get-ups for every family member. InCharacter offers wholesale costumes that are sold to several different Halloween outlets all over the United States. One of InCharacter’s specialties is animal costumes for infants, including models such as Baby Lion, Baby Tiger, or Baby Dinky Dragon. These costumes feature amazing but simple designs, giving your infant a fully-realized costume character that looks adorable and bursts with color. The costumes InCharacter sells are well-crafted, made from 100% polyester, and are built to last. The downside is that because they’re so well made, they tend to be on the more expensive side. Many costumes start around $16 and can get as high as $38. While some parents may prefer to pay a little extra for a costume they can use over and over again, other parents may find $40 a bit much to pay for a newborn’s costume.

An American brand, Fancyinn operates in the US and the UK where they offer well-crafted baby costumes for affordable prices. What separates Fancyinn from the rest of the pack are the designs of their costumes. For instance, while other companies may have an infant pumpkin costume where the baby actually looks like a large pumpkin, Fancyinn instead offers a chic orange onesie with a pumpkin face design on it. This allows for ultimate comfort for you newborn and for yourself, when it comes time to change the diaper. Fancyinn also uses cotton to make their outfits, giving your baby the ultimate comfort. Because the costumes are made elegantly and simply, they’re also very affordable. Many cost around $.

One of the largest party supply retailers in the US, Oriental Trading offers a number of party products that include costumes for all ages. Oriental Trading specializes in unique and highly detailed costumes for infants. For example, their Baby Elvis Presley costume is a highly detailed Elvis costume that turns your baby into “The King” himself. However, such detailed costumes come at a higher price, often starting around $$. Some of their other offerings can get a bit more expensive, into the $$-$$$ range, depending on the costume.

One of the top Halloween costume companies around, Disguise is a San Diego-based company that sells some of the hottest costumes on the market. Their specialty comes in their highly-sought after branded costumes, from companies such as Warner Bros., Nintendo, LEGO and Disney. Many companies don’t have the rights to sell costumes from these highly popular commercial brands, but Disguise does. For instance, they sell a costume of Baby Jack-Jack from the popular Disney-Pixar movieThe Incredibles. It’s made for children anywhere from 12 to 18 months, knit from 100 percent polyester, and can be washed by hand. Although you can find nearly any branded costume from TV or movies with Disguise, the prices tend to be on the more expensive side. They have to pay for the brands, after all! To wit, the Baby Jack-Jack costume just mentioned costs about $$. That being said, you are paying for quality.

Ultimately, the best costume brand to buy will depend on the needs of your child and your budget. However, for our money, Carter’s may be the best overall costume company for infants. Carter’s makes high-quality products with a delicate touch to make costumes that fit any baby boy or girl perfectly. Disney and Disguise are the best companies for legitimate branded, commercial costumes from TV or movies, as the other companies may not have the licensing to do so. In those instances, you may find fraudulent knock-off versions of those brands. Mud Pie and UOMNY offer the best 80-100 percent cotton products, while many of the others use polyester, so look to these two companies if breathability is your concern. Remember, the best baby costumes are those that fit in your budget, fit your baby, and look great. Happy costume hunting!

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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