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Which is why it’s so important that your welcome mat looks the part when it comes to showing your guests what you’re all about. Whether you want to add something to make your space a little more relaxing or love decorating with the seasons, we’ve rounded up just a few welcome mat trends fit for any home.

Let’s face the facts: nothing feels better than the comfort of your own home after a long day. These welcome mat picks pay homage to just that by giving you a little peek of what’s inside. Cozy chairs, potted plants and the real head of the house (AKA your pet) are all great sources of inspo here and will definitely let you zen out the moment you arrive.

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Never underestimate the power of positivity, especially when it comes to setting the mood for anyone entering your home. We don’t know about youfrench linen cushion covers, but surrounding ourselves with motivational phrases and power mantras really makes us feel good. And if that’s not your thing, a simple “welcome” can make all the difference in helping your guests feel more at home.

As the weather heats up, we’re embracing all things bold and bright for summer. Vivid sunsets, surfers, refreshing fruits and tropical patterns will get you in that summer state of mind the minute you walk through your doorway. The possibilities for this one are endless! We also recommend swapping out your welcome mat with the seasons–think cooler, calmer hues and seasonal imagery for winter and the holidays.

Now for a classic look, but one we love nonetheless: nature. Enjoying a little slice of the outdoors is only fitting when it comes to a welcome mat this will live, well, outside. Muted earth tones will go with whatever your setup is, not to mention are proven to promote relaxation in those who view them. Whether you’re chilling on your porch or are just stepping inside, we can definitely get behind some blissed out nature vibes.


personalised outdoor cushion covers

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