french linen cushion covers Wall Murals in Vintage Black and White geometric cushion covers

 french linen cushion covers     |      2019-09-11 02:28

Meta Coleman/A Cup of Jo

At A Cup of Jo, we spotted a terrific idea?Stylist?Meta Coleman?employed in her son Henrick’;s room at home in Provo, Utah: a black and white wall mural made from a C1900 photo. Here’;s how and where she had it made:

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?My son loves to hikefrench linen cushion covers, because he wants to be just like his dad. I love the Matterhorn, and I thought it would make it feel less “little boy,” but still whimsical. I found this really cool Swedish company called?Rebel Walls. I bought an old photo from 1900 on eBay and scanned it in really high resolution. If you look closely, you can still see the little dust particles! Then I took the measurement of the wall, and they made wallpaper out of it. They sent it to me within a week! It was unbelievably easy. It makes his room feel personal.

A Cup of Jo

Vintage Printable has a trove of prints to browse. Dig these images?found in the out-of-print but available-for-not-alot-of-money?The American Space: Meaning in the Nineteenth-Century Landscape Photography?(a book we prop?open a lot to keep vistas in our field of vision):

The American Landscape


The American Landscape

With thanks to Susan Dworski!

Today's chore -- raking the front yard -- is tomorrow's cheer when you turn pressed foliage into greeting cards or gift tags for bags of candy. Then you can let the wind (or really, the letter carrier or the Halloween spirit) carry them away.

(Video link HERE.)?For years, I have been obsessed with designing the perfect bag, one that could travel with me throughout my busy day, and morph from backpack to tote to shoulder bag. For a while, I entertained the idea of making bags to sell, and researched what it would involve. There is A LOT a lot to know in making a bag, from how to select skins, to prototyping, to buying hardware to actually making them (what sewing machine?).