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When everyone was finished, we handed out certificates of achievement for each of our Master Builders. ?Download the Lego Master Builder free printable right here. Then they colored them with these amazing Minifig crayons.

Next we each grabbed Block Vehicle Set to build. They were not real Legos but worked great as an affordable party option. But I think the kid’;s favorite part of the party was going crazy all over the house with road tape. They couldn’;t believe their luck that this was allowed. How cute are these quick chocolates that we made with a Building Brick Candy Mold?For cakes we went store-bought but I loved their ideas for simple Lego cakes that could easily be recreated at home. One was a rectangle with cupcakes on top to make a large Lego brick.

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The other had a street block intersection that Gordon decorated with his own block creations. He loved being allowed to decorate his own cake!

Of course the evergreen GORDON felt banner made an appearance. So handy!

I think I’;m used to the idea of “;4”; now but I’;m already dreading “;5.”; How can he be that old? impossible.

This is a project that I did for the Riley Blake Design Team blog. I thought I’d post it here in case you missed it. Make sure you check out their blog they have lots of fantastic sewing tutorials!

french linen cushion covers