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Spending time around the dining room table with friends and family is a great activity. Finding time for conversation is something a lot of people without a contemporary dining room miss out on. It’s one of the key times of day when everyone can get together and share and discuss their day over a meal. It is also a great place to entertain guests and is the focal point of any dinner party.

Having a fantastic looking dining room with a contemporary feel can really help to give your house that homely feel. Selecting the fixtures and fitting in the room can contribute towards making the interior an enjoyable place to dine in. The most important feature of any dining room is of course the table. This is usually going to be the largest piece of furniture in the room and so much thought should be given to using the right one.

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The size of the table should be one of the biggest considerations. Think about the amount of people you need it to seat on a regular basis, as well as how many seats you will need for bigger occasions. The style and material of the table is also going to affect the look of the whole dining room. Dining room tables come in many different stylesfrench linen cushion covers, such as traditional wooden tables or more modern metal or glass topped designs.

You want to select a table that is going to work with the rest of the room. Be sure to also leave enough space around it for people to comfortably sit down if your dining room is small or you want to have a large table. Once you have settle on a table you can then begin designing the rest of the room around it. Think about the windows and window dressing. Made to measure blinds are perfect for a modern look or perhaps more traditional curtain poles hung with curtains with would be more in keeping with the style of your home.

You can then think about other furniture for the room, such as a smaller table in the corner with a lamp on for additional lighting or a sideboard for extra storage. Next think about the walls of the room, consider the colour to paint them or the wallpaper you would like. You can also plan out where to hang pictures and artwork to help break up the large blank wall areas.

This covers the main areas to think about and focus on when it comes to ideas for your contemporary dining room. One final thing to consider is to try and bring everything together with a theme and style so that the whole room works as a whole.

Was there ever a more classic color palette than blue and white? It’s a combination that has stood the test of time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t interpret this perfect pairing in a more modern way. In this living room, we used solid upholstery and white walls (in Benjamin Moore’s White Dove) to create a clean, uncluttered room that lets bold drapery and a patterned rug shine.

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Sometimes I have so much to share but can hardly find the time to sit down and share it. That’s exactly how I feel right now. I photograph a lot of what I do and sometimes I neglect to share it with you. Ani’s room has been “done” for several months and while I’ve shared glimpses of it in posts from parties and the holidays, I realized that I’ve never just talked about Ani’s bedroom.Ani’s room is filled with simple bedroom ideasyou can use: