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Today we are going to be taking a look at how to achieve a classical country dining room style in your home. This interior design theme can work well in most properties, but will work especially well as the names suggests in a country home. There is no reason why you could not have a country dining room in a town-house or an apartment if you desired.

There are several key characteristics of a country dining room that including in your interior design will help it to have the look you are going for. A wooden dining room table with wooden chairs is a 'must'. These can be dark wood or a lighter pine colour depending on the rest of the furniture and colours in the room. Hard wooden chairs can become uncomfortable after sitting on them for a while and so seat pads can be a great way to increase comfort and also add additional textures and designs to the dining area.

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Pale coloured walls of creams or light yellows is very typical of this design style. This helps to contrast the table and help to make it the focal point of the room. You can also match the window frame with the wood of the dining room table to help create a coordinated look to the whole room. Large rugs direct under the table and chairs is very common and can help to add some extra colour to the room.

Another big advantage of having a rug in your dining room is that it can help protect the floor from the wear and tear that dining room chairs can cause. Another common piece of furniture in a classical county dining room is a dresser. These can be used to store and display platesfrench linen cushion covers, as well as being a good place to keep cutlery, place mats and other items needed in the dining room.

These again should be matched to the other wood in the room to help create a harmonious look throughout. Curtain designs in your country dining room can either be a pale colour and simple design or a traditional checked style pattern. Wooden blinds are also very common and will help to keep the classic feel we are going for.

There are many areas to think about when it comes to decorating and designing your county dining room. You should now have a better understanding of the various furniture and colours needed to create the perfect room for your home.

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