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Do you love to collect seasonal cardstock and decorative papers, but end up storing them away once the season is over? Well, our Creative Crew member Laura Kuhlmann has just the solution for you with these fun DIY magnets. And her tutorial will have you pulling out those papers and taking another look at them with fresh eyes!

When you look at your seasonal scrapbook papers and decorative cardstock with fresh eyes,you open up your creativity to use those designs throughout the year! —; Laura Kuhlmann

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Here’;s an example of looking at decorative scrapbook paper with new eyes.

Below is a picture I took of the Spring Sayings on Ivory paper from Canvas Corp.

At first glance, your eyes see many sayings about Spring and Easter, about bunnies and birds.

Now look closer.

I see a few sayings about the rain. These sayings don’;t directly reference “;April showers”; as the familiar saying goes —; “;April Showers Bring May Flowers”; —; so why not consider using those sayings in your crafts at other times of the year?

Take another look above, and you’;ll spot a Happy Birthday saying with a butterfly design. Againfrench linen cushion covers, no direct reference to Spring and butterflies are a popular theme ?and this section could be cut out and used year-round!

When you look at your seasonal scrapbook papers and decorative cardstock with fresh eyes, you open up your creativity to use those designs throughout the year!

And that’;s just what I’;m going to show you with today’;s DIY tutorial!

Let’;s get started!

What if you could easily turn those decorative sayings about the rain, for example, into fun magnets for display or for gifts?

You can, and it’;s much easier than you might think.


Step One: ?Cut out your chosen images.

I love the images and sayings that mention rain, partly because I feel much more creative whenever it rains for some reason, no matter which season it is!

Step Two:?Color your chosen images.

(Or, you could leave them as they are. The cream and black colors together are very striking as is!)

I used my Spectrum Noir markers to color in sections of each one . . .

Oh —; and I also cut out and colored that butterfly saying I mentioned earlier too . . .

Step Three: ?Run your decorative paper scraps through the Xyron Creative Station to turn them into magnets.

Yes, it’;s like magic!

Most crafters know Xyron for the different adhesive tools they have to turn paper and cardstock into stickers.

But they also make laminate/magnet cartridges for their Xyron Creative Station —; and the smaller Xyron Creative Station Lite —; perfect for turning cardstock and paper easily into magnets.

Pop the laminate/magnet cartridge into either the Xyron Creative Station or the Creative Station Lite, and when you run your papers through it, the front will become laminated while the back becomes a magnet.

Seriously, this is a game changer! (And something you might want to put on your holiday gift list…;or treat yourself!)

Here’;s a quick demonstration . . .

First you place your paper scrap into the machine. Gently push it until you feel it stop.

Then turn the handle on the side of the machine, and your paper rolls through and comes out the other side!

Once it’;s run through the machine, you use the orange lever (below left) to simply slice the magnet off of the cartridge roll (below right):

And if you have more than one magnet to make, you can keep feeding the papers through as you turn them into magnets, like I did below:

The front of the papers are now laminated, while the back of each one has a thin magnet layer attached to it.

Use scissors to cut out your magnets, and you’;re all done!

And here they are close up, so that you can see the details of each one!

And here’;s the birthday magnet:

Remember, each of these magnets is from a sheet of Spring/Easter scrapbook paper, yet once these were cut out from the original cardstock, they no longer had any direct link to just the Spring season.

I hope I’;ve inspired you to pour a cup of tea and give your seasonal decorative papers a fresh look.

For example, look at this Canvas Corp scrapbook paper: Farmhouse Christmas Stripe on Ivory Paper. Right away I notice the ice skates, sled and skis and a cozy plaid background: color them in and turn into ?a ?pretty set of Winter-themed magnets.

And this 7gypsies Wanderlust 12 x 12 paper —; called Pack Your Bags —; is perfect to record your Summer holiday memories. But remember that suitcases and other travel motifs work great for year-round vacations or get-aways…;or even when traveling for a specific holiday! I could see turning many of these suitcases into magnets and displaying them on a vintage-looking galvanized steel board. What a pretty collection that would be!

Happy Crafting!

Be sure to check out more of Laura’;s craft tutorials on her blog, and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

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