french linen cushion covers How to Make a Wrap Burp Cloth with Heat Retention Bottle Pocket decorative pillow shams

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Whether you have a new family member on the way or need a sure-to-be-a-hit gift for a baby shower, this burp cloth is a must-have accessory.?New moms and dads cannot have too many of these! The heat-retaining bottle pocket makes them the perfect on-the-go solution.

Tip: Make several so you always have a back-up.

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Step 1) Cut the?fabric.

Cut the following pieces:

Step 2) Assemble the pocket.

Place the Insul-Fleece on the bottom of the wrong side of one fabric pocket piece. Pin around the bottom and side edges, then baste the layers together to secure.

Place the two pocket pieces right side together. Pin around the side and top edges; stitch.

Clip the corners and turn right side out. Push out all edges; press.

Measure 3/4? down from the top edge of the pocket; pin the 1/2? elastic to the left edge. Baste a couple of stitches along the edge of the elastic to secure it in place.

Fold down the top edge of the pocket, fully covering and overlapping the elastic. Pin the bottom edge of the fold to the pocket body; stitch close to the edgefrench linen cushion covers, creating a casing for the elastic.

Place the pocket in the lower right corner of the lining fabric. Pin around the sides and bottom of the pocket, but DO NOT pin the elastic. Sew, starting directly underneath the elastic, around the sides and bottom of the pocket.

Step 3) Make the tie.

Fold the 2″;-wide strip of fabric right sides together lengthwise.

Sew along the long edge.

Using a safety pin or fabric tube turner, turn the fabric tube right side out. Press. Fold the ends under 1/2?, press, fold under 1/2? again, and press. Sew to secure.

Fold the tie in half. Pin the fold into place at the center of the left side of the lining. Baste to secure.

Step 4) Assemble the burp cloth.

Place the terry cloth and lining right sides together. Pin around all edges, leaving a 4? opening in the middle of one side for turning.

Pull the elastic hanging out until you have 6-7? hanging out. Pin in place to secure.

Sew around all edges, leaving a 4? opening for turning. Clip the side seams and excess elastic.

Turn the project right side out. Push out corners and press. Whipstitch the opening closed by hand.

Mark the burp cloth in thirds; sew a line of stitches along each marked line. This is simply to help the burp cloth stay nicely together, and makes a nicer finished product.

Pop a bottle in the pocket, wrap and roll!

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