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I’;m going to be totally selfish today- I totally admit that I have an ulterior motive with the quilt along I’;m going to talk about today. You can be selfish too and follow along…;

Two years ago for Christmas I decided my kids were getting to many toys that ended with an ii or started with an i…; and that I needed to balance out all of the electronics with some soft home made things.

linen pillow covers

So I made each of them a lap quilt. ? I did it kinda on a whim, and will admit to making all 3 in about a 48 hr period (crazy I know!)…;

Since then, they have drug those little quilts all over with them. ?My son calls it his “;special blanky”; and insists on taking it everywhere with him. ?I will admit I was a little surprised at how much they liked them!

Since the quilts are all starting to show signs of wear, I decided that this year I am going to make them another quilt. ?I’;ve got 3 kids so thats 3 quilts before Christmas. ?I’;m bound and determined to start earlier this year. ?What better way to get something done than to commit to blog about it?

I’;ve talked to a few friends who want to make similar quilts for their kids this yearfrench linen cushion covers, and thought it might be fun to do a bit of a “;Quilt Along”;

Here’;s how it will work:

-I’;ll share with you the stages of making one of these lap quilts (a little at a time before Christmas).. I’;ll tell you when I’;m buying fabric, when I’;m designing the blocks, when I’;m machine quilting it etc.

-We are not all going to make the same design quilt. Instead I’;ll share with you tips and inspiration for making a QUICKLY and EASILY pieced quilt top…; you pick which method you like, stripes, blocks, rectangles etc…; I know that one of my quilts will be a super simple design while another one may be a bit more intricate.

-If enough people are following along, I’;ll host a linky party a couple of times so you can all share your progress! (and have a little bit of accountability to get it done!)

-I’;ll explain each step in detail. If you’;ve never quilted before you can do this. ?Don’;t stress…; it’;s just for fun.

I’;m very excited about this not just because it will help me get the quilts for my kids done, but also because I get to share my creative process with you!

I get asked a lot where I get my ideas from. ?I think that by letting you “;follow along”; while I make something it will give you a little peek into my process and how I get ideas and then the steps I take to bring them to reality.

So do you want to follow along? Challenge yourself to a Handmade Christmas?

It all starts Wednesday with Step ONE: Fabric Selection and Design ideas. Stay tuned.

Here are the links to all the posts in this Quilt Along:

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Backing and Batting

Progress Report

Machine Quilting

Last Update

Finished Quilts

Finished Quilt

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