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 french linen cushion covers     |      2020-03-27 02:31

Here at Coyuchi, we appreciate the technology that enhances our lives, connects us to our customers and helps us create our products. But we can't deny that we have a deep and special love for the artisan-crafted -- the soulful beauty and unique character of things made by hand.

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Our Fall 2015 collection reflects that passion, with new handcrafted items from pillows to rugs. For instance, our Chenille Chunky Weave Throwfrench linen cushion covers, is made by Indian weavers working on traditional wooden looms, interlacing the fluffy, pigment-dyed chenille with smooth natural (non-dyed) yarns to achieve snuggly texture and soft color. The airy, open weave gives this organic cotton blanket a soft drape and lightweight feel that makes it perfect for year-round use.

Our Castle Rock Alpaca Throw is handcrafted in Peru from pure alpaca. The animals are raised on small ranches high in the Andes Mountains, where they graze in wide-open spaces and are sheared just once a year during the warm season. The silky, highly insulating fibers are spun into thick, soft yarns, which are then hand-knit by local artisans for wonderful texture that wraps you in warmth.

Artisans employ an ancient hand-weaving technique traditionally used for fishnets to create our organic cotton Karamiori Pillow and Woven Rope Pillow. A pair of warp yarns entwine in figure eights around the weft, creating a strong, supple fabric with amazing tactile and visual interest. A tighter weave makes the Karamiori Pillow softer and finer, whereas the Woven Rope Pillow's chunkier weave is thicker and more rustic.

A hand-weaving method that's been used for centuries to create carpets finds new life in our Strandline Dhurrie Pillow. Woven on a dhurrie rug loom, the yarn-dyed organic cotton creates a pattern with striking dimension and natural warmth – geometric, but not too precise.

Our Añ;o Nuevo Rug comes to life at the hands of skilled Indian weavers using traditional looms. Using solid-color and marled organic cotton yarns, they weave the broad stripes and hand-knotted fringe that give this rug casual, coastal-inspired style and offer a rich backdrop for its asymmetrical embroidered designs.

Crafting these items by hand takes great skill and patience – in fact, each pillow and rug takes more than two hours to produce! But all that time and care is reflected in the beauty and quality of each piece. We love how the hand of the artist is reflected in the slight variations that make each of these items one of a kind. And we value the fact that these products – and all the handcrafted items we carry – help to support artisan traditions that sustain communities and span generations. That's something all the technology in the world can't replace.

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