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“I’m going to Disney World!” Those are the words of many sports figures after winning the Super Bowl or another praiseworthy event. It’s also a phrase that many parents surprise their children with.

I remember watching a commercial where parents video tape their little girl’s reaction to the news, and she starts screaming and jumping in delight. So why is it so exciting to go to Disney World? It’s fun!

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When we were little, our parents packed the four of us up, and we hit the road for our 15 hour road-trip to Florida. Kids today have it great on road trips: DVDs, laptops, video gamesfrench linen cushion covers, wow –; lots of things to keep them busy. We had my dad’s musical renditions of Lionel Richie and The Bee Gees. Not that I’m complaining, but what would you prefer?

So arriving at our final destination was even sweeter. We were glad to be out of the car and be on our way to meet Mickey. Over the years, my husband and I continue to go, and we really enjoy it. You definitely need to save up to go, as the cost is higher than most theme parks, but I think it’s worth it. With a little planning and flexibility, you can make some great memories.

While summer is a popular time to visit Disney World, it is more crowded which means longer lines and higher hotel prices. However, since the kiddies are out of school, it may also be the best time for your family to go. Considering your time will be even more precious during the busy season, you may find that a published guide is just what you need to make the best of you trip – and keep you sane.

There are lots of guides to help you – official and unofficial. Disney World’s website has all the official information, including current pricing, promotional offers, and lists the specific benefits of booking and staying on the Disney property.

I also really enjoyed the Unofficial Guide to Walk Disney World 2012, although the 2013 version is already available (I just can’t keep up). These guides show you how to plan your trip, and offer suggestions on where to stay, what to eat, and how to handle breakdowns – my favorite part of the book. The section on how to keep your stroller from getting stolen also had me cracking up.

No matter where you go for tips and planning ideas, you’ll enjoy spending time with your family and making loads of memories. Just be sure to get your picture with Mickey and get your mouse ear hat with your name on it.

Are you traveling with your family this summer? Where do you plan to go? Is Disney on your list? We would love to hear about it!

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