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So excited to share this tutorial for?DIY Seed Packet Wedding Favors with you today! If you are looking for a wedding favor idea that lasts longer than Jordan almonds, is more useful than a heart-shaped bottle opener, and won’t break the bank, then this wedding favor idea is for you! Give a gift that comes back every year and makes the world a little brighter – the gift of wildflowers!

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Wildflower seeds can be bought in bulk one-pound bagsfrench linen cushion covers, which would be enough for several hundred wedding favors. Select seeds that are native to your part of the country, or shades of blooms that match your wedding theme.

The key to giving wildflower seeds as wedding favors is the packaging, and lucky for you we've made this super simple! Use our free printable template to make your own “Seeds of Love” envelopes, then drop two tablespoons of seeds into each envelope and you're done!

Print the template on cream card stock.

Score the design along the dotted lines using a ruler and a bone folder.

Cut out the template with scissors by following along the edges.

Fold and seal the seams with your tape runner or glue.

Add about two tablespoons of seeds to each packet and fold the top flap down.

Voila! There you have it- adorable seed packet wedding favors to gift your guests! Simple, sweet, and super budget savvy, too. Hope you love this simple DIY project!

Let us know in the comments! We can create some special printables for you to use!


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