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Anyone else have summer skin? Summertime is hard on my skin and that’;s why I’;ve whipped up this decadent 3 ingredient DIY Sea Salt Body Scrub with Coconut oil and Cocoa Butter. I can’;t live without this and my DIY Sugar Body Scrubs!?

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I am sad to see Summer winding down, and as much as I love Fall, it’;s always a hard transition for me. We love summer around here. Summer means time spent in Utah laying around the pool, vacations exploring new cities or hiking trails and time spent in Central Oregon on the Lake where my in-laws have property. Lots of sunfrench linen cushion covers, lots of heat and lots of exposure. (yes, I wear sunscreen)

My skin takes a beating with the elements of the hot sun and air during our travels, so this Sea Salt Body Scrub is a must. It’;s SO easy to make, using only 3 ingredients and leaves me with the ultimate summer scent…;…; Cocoa Butter.

Just one whiff takes me back to a warm and relaxed place and always reminds me of summer fun.

I never do exact measurements. I just dump it all in my Magic Bullet and hope for the best.

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I placed mine in a plastic container because I transport it with me on vacation or to the pool where I teach. Glass may break and that would just be a mess. The plastic I had on hand isn’;t pretty, but it’;s getting the job done.

While in the shower, grab a small handful of your DIY Sea Salt Body Scrub rub on your skin. You’;ll be exfoliating and moisturizing your skin at the same time! Keep in mind that this will make your shower floor very slick. I squirt a bit of shampoo onto the floor and swirl around to catch any oils.

Update: I’;ve noticed my last batch gets harder in between showers. I use this at the club after swimming and will just run the plastic container under the hot water to soften. I open it, then just push it with my thumb and then it’;s soft enough to mix around. ?

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