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 french linen cushion covers     |      2019-09-11 23:49

We are inspired by the world around us and love to showcase new and exciting artist, designers and crafters and our guest designer series is a great way to inspire our Crew as well as each one of you to try something?different, show off a new style or help you think outside of?your creative box, so from time to time we like to invite crafters to be our Guest Designer/Blogger for a month to challenge us to see things in a different way and so that we may learn more about our products through the?eyes of a new designer. This month we have invited Loulei Lilao known as on Instagram. As crafts is all the rage these days?and we love that so many of our basic products are perfect for simple and clever crafty projects.

CCB: Where are you from?

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Loulei: Southern Califonia

CCB:?How would you describe your design style?

Loulei:??intuitivefrench linen cushion covers, responsive and uncomplicated.

CCB: How long have you been creating?

Loulei: As long as i can remember. Always.

CCB: What is your go to product right now?

Loulei: Paper, ink &; paint

CCB: Do you have a signature touch you like to include in all your pieces?

Loulei: Not really but i’m into florals and foliage at the moment

CCB:?What advice would you give to someone who gets in a creative slump?

Loulei: Step back. do something else that doesn’t require creativity. Recharge

CCB:?What is the oddest inspiration you have used for one of your projects?

Loulei:? I?can’t think of one. I like odd anything, odd speaks to me.

CCB: Tell us one thing that people might not know about you.

Loulei:? We will need a whole different blog post for that…;

CCB:?How often do you create?

Loulei: As often as possible. Every day.

CCB: Do you jot down your ideas before you do them or do you create as you go?

Loulei:? Only when a project is elaborate and needs planning. the rest of the time it’s in my head and in the moment.

We sent Loulei a Canvas Market Bag to upcycle.

From the Farmer’;s Market to the mall, the canvas market bag has you covered. Made of high quality, 14 ounce 100% cotton canvas, this bag is a makers dream come true. Buy many and create one-of-a-kind canvas bags for your online shop, or buy one to create your own custom market bag through screen-printing, dyes, paints, etc.

“Watch the video below to see how I created this art piece. It is a step by step tutorial with lots of tips and composition information.”

We’re making more snowmen, this time we’re setting up a whole snowmen creation station so if you’re looking for a fun and frugal snowman craft this is it.

One of the best things about the holiday season is that everyone celebrates differently. In the city you may have a small tree nestled in the corner with colorful lights and popcorn garland. Up north, friends may cut fresh trees from their own backyards. Some Christmases are celebrated in perfectly manicured homes with tiny wreaths on every door, while others are greeted by fresh snow in a mountain cabin. Today, I’m sharing a special collection of ornaments and tree decor tips featuring the?Garden Shed collection. This collection is perfect for a cozy cabin look no matter where you are celebrating!

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