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Thank you so much to all of you that played along with my Handmade Christmas Quilt Along. I hope that many of you were able to give handmade quilts for Christmas (or other holiday) this year.

Okay…; I’;ll admit about December 22nd I thought I had LOST MY MIND…; wondering why I get myself into these crazy situations. ?At one point I said to a friend “;I surrender, Christmas you win…; I give up.”;

valentines day gifts for him

Honestly if it weren’;t for the quilt along and me telling the “;blog world”; I was making my kids quilts for Christmas, I would have just given up…; Then the quilts would have gone to the “;someday”; pile and that would not be good. So for that I am thankful to this blogging community that I have here- some positive peer pressure is good sometimes.

For those of you that wanted to play along but didn’;t quite get them done, a friend of mine had a great suggestion. Instead of a Christmas gift, why not one for a birthday gift for your kids? That spreads out the work a bit along the year.

Now I try not to be one for excuses but I do have a very good excuse for finishing these at the last minute…; I got a new sewing machine the week before Christmas!! I ordered it in November and got it delivered and all put together just in time to finish these quilts. ? It’;s just a sit down long arm quilterfrench linen cushion covers, (decided the one one the frame was too much pressure for me)…; ? I’;m proud of it because I paid for it all myself…; I saved for 4 years, it felt pretty good.

I will also say that I have NEVER free motion quilted a quilt before, and I decided to quilt 3 of them the 3 days before Christmas on a new machine, and one had minke on the back. ?Yeah —; see why I questioned my sanity at one point?

Long story short (or shorter) the quilts got done all but the binding and were under the tree Christmas Eve. ?My kids were not even suprised at this point- they had all figured out what I was up to.

The quilting looks good to me and my kids but anyone with a trained eye, I’;m sure would cringe.. but I figure you’;ve got to learn somehow and quilting 3 quilts in 3 days is a good way to “;jump in”;.

Now that you’;ve heard my “;life story”; at least for the month of December…; I’;ll move onto the quilts. To see the whole story you can click back through posts labeled “;quilt along”;…; there I’;ve got dimensions, fabric details etc.

First up is my son’;s quilt- I think it’;s my favorite. ?I’;m happy with the pattern. I decided to release it as a new PDF pattern in my shop. I won’;t be deleting the info about it from my blog, but if you’;d rather just get it all the instructions in one place on one document instead of scrolling back though 10 blog posts, ?you’;ll be able to buy it in the shop by the end of the month.

My son ?said the pac man print is his favorite, I think it’;s mine too–; ?here it is on his bed.

Next up is my younger daughters quilt…; simple patchwork- mostly Sarah Jane ?and 30’;s reproduction fabrics…; I love the “;vintagey”; feel of this one.

I just did a random piecing of the prints, in a few places I should have been more random- but overall I’;m really happy with it…; plus it’;s soft- it’;s got some Bonnie and Camille Ruby flannel fabric on the back.

Here are the links to all the posts in this Quilt Along:

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Okay now its YOUR turn…;

-Did you have a Handmade Holiday?

-Did you follow along with our Quilt Along?


-Did you make gifts this year for Christmas or Hanukkah?

If so, link up your creations!!

Here’;s the rules they are simple (I’;ve never hosted a linky party before, so here goes nothing!!)

-link up a craft (doesn’;t have to be a quilt) you made FOR someone, your kids, friends, family grandkids etc.. not just a craft you made a GIFT you made.

-I would appreciate if you would add my button to your post, but it’;s not required

-Link to blog or flickr photo

-No shop/store links

I’;ll be highlighting a few next week in a blog post! ?I’;ll leave the linky party open for 1 week.

We truly enjoyed reading all the entries posted in our “dreams for your daughter” contest.? Thank you to our customers and fans for taking the time to let us know your thoughts about your daughters’ futures … we were simply blown away by the many heartfelt entries. ?And now it’s time to announce our winner!

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