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When people are in a relationship, and especially when they are living together, they have a lot of compromises that need to be made. No one will ever get exactly what he or she wants. However there is something that every couple can agree on and that’s having a really nice bed to fall into together after a long day or for a little fun. Some may not give a second thought to having nice bedding, but those people should really consider investing a little more time into what they cover their mattress and pillows in. We have some fantastic ideas that you can in corporate into your bedroom to bring a shabby chic look into your bedroom and have it be something that both of you can fall in love with. If you do it rightfrench linen cushion covers, you may just find your passion rekindled.

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Neutral Colors

Shabby chic bedding is usually a mix of off-white and pastel colors. Soft colors such as these are easy for people to compromise over and don’t inspire a wealth of strong emotions that can lead to conflict. They will also add a nice touch to any bedroom without being too overwhelming. This is important to note because when you use soft colors in the décor of a home it’s easier to compromise with your significant other, and thus makes for a happier relationship.

Soft Fabric

Nothing relaxes the body at night more than slipping into a comfortable bed, complete with luxurious sheets that massage your tired body. Having comfortable,soft linensheets help to whisk away moisture and excess heat so you feel more relaxed will help promote a good nights sleep so that you wake up well rested and ready for the day. Plus, couples that sleep better are less likely to argue and have a more satisfying relationship.

A more harmonious room

Feng Shui is the art of creating a more harmonious room through color use and furniture placement. One of its core tenants is that earthy tones and pastels help to create a calming and relaxing feel in the bedroom, helping to promote intimacy and sexual vigor. In addition to the colors of your bed sheets, using a pleasing fabric helps with the flow of your room and helps to promote a positive energy. Using soft, inviting linens such as soft washed French linen helps to create this positive atmosphere for couples everywhere.

So if you’re looking for bedding that will help to create a happier relationship you’ve found it in shabby chic style.

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