Eight Kids Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

 linen cushion covers     |      2019-07-24 14:14

This post is sponsored by Crayola but all opinions are my own.

Only a couple more days til’; Turkey Day! ?Amidst all the feeding frenzy, here are several kids Thanksgiving craft ideas that you can do to keep them busy while you party.

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Color Matching Game

Cute Turkey Finger Project

Turkey Paper Sack Puppets

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Turkey Chair Hangers

Play-dough Turkeys

Thanksgiving Color-by-Number Activity Sheets

Kids Thankful Table

Cutelinen cushion covers, right? ?To do these projects, my personal favorite crayon and marker of choice is Crayola. ?There’;s really no comparison. ?I pay extra for the quality. ?And there’;s nothing like coloring for the first time with a brand new Crayola crayon. ?When I was in elementary, all the kids who had those 72 crayon packs were like the ‘;rich’; kids with their fancy crayons.

Want to see even more kids Thanksgiving craft ideas? ?Get inspired by viewing these short videos of fun Thanksgiving Crayola projects!

And one more…;Happy Thanksgiving From Crayola!

This post is sponsored by Crayola but all opinions are my own.

Fall might as well be called curl-up-on-the-couch-with-a-mug-of-something-warm season, because that’s all we want to do once the temperature dips and the days get shorter. Here at Etsy, we recommend breaking out the ceramics — pottery is having a serious heyday and there is nothing more satisfying to get cozy with. But what makes the perfect mug? In honor of our favorite cold-weather activity, we asked some of Etsy’s mug makers about the most important elements of their ideal vessel, and of course, what they like to put in it.

We live in a land of stories, mythology and cultural fanfare. There are a lot of days with special significance, which we celebrate. Diwali is one of the prominent festivals in Hindu culture. Colloquially known as the “festival of lights”?, it is celebrated on the Amavasya or no-moon night and heralds the dawn of a New Year according to the Hindu calendar. It is a grand celebration, wherein families get together, friends indulge in merry-making, light lamps and diyas as well as gorge on sweet delicacies.